razeebuss Radicall electric unit

Our Concept

Just enough to take off and caught the thermal, no need of a car to go up or a driver to go back home!..

Imagine if you could have a paraglider that could take off from flat ground,avoiding the drive up the mountain, the time consumption, the lost of energy.

This will be the best way to fly as often as possible, being ready to take off as soon as flight condition are good.

A machine that give the possibility to fly where the thermal are good, even if there is no mountain around, take off from a beach and soared for hours at the limit between land and water.

Imagine something that can give you the 5 seconds little push necessary to re-entered the thermal that you’ve lost for a few meter difference, instead of carry on down you could soared back up to nirvana.

Imagine if this could be compact enough to fit in your car at all time, furthermore easy to set up and most important offering all free flight characteristics (Position, Feeling and Piloting), Instead of always jumping down as usual; using a kind of lift….

Wouldn’t it be fantastic taking of to reach up thermals or even just to do a quiet flight zeroing silently just before night fall, to end a perfect flying day.

Woohaow, what a dream…i am getting exited….

Yes,putting things in order…. first, in the air…it would have to be something that doesn’t change your feeling of free fly, ideally something so discrete that you would forget is there, something that make taking off a breeze, something that don’t make much noise, something that do not vibrate, that is easy to use and respond instantly when ever needing a push

Back on to the ground something that fit neatly into the back of your car, so it can be there at all time, ready for you as soon as the condition are there to fly,

Something that could be carry easily on holidays, something that doesn’t need too much maintenance.