Four years of research and development were necessary for the Razeebuss Team to fine tune the Razmott EPS ( Electric Power System ) , making it possible to commercialize an innovative product geared to open and expand new horizons within paragliding activity .

The Razmott adopts an electric propulsion system ( EPS) tuned harmoniously toward the foot launched flying activity by including a paragliding harness  ( based on Kuik from Kortel design specially modified to fit Razmott composite chassis ) , a composite Carbon fibre frame , and the latest battery powered engine technology .


Alexandre Mateo avec le Razmott 130 a la coupe Icare 2011
Alexandre Mateos with a Razmott 130 at the 2011  Coupe ICARE

Razmott unit exist in 3 sizes :

115 -130-140

  •  RAZMOTT 115 , it’s equipped with Helix 115 cm carbon folding propellers and a cage frame in 120 cm diameter , approximative thrust 38 kg
  • RAZMOTT 130 , it’s equipped with Helix 130 cm carbon folding propellers and a cage frame in 140 cm diameter , approximative thrust 45 kg
  • RAZMOTT 140 , it’s equipped with Helix 140 cm carbon folding propellers and a cage frame in 150 cm diameter , approximative thrust 54 kg .

                                             TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS :

A fully dismountable composite fibre frame ( 3 sizes available )

A hight performance Geiger engineering engine Direct Drive  :HPD 12  ( output over 90% )

GEIGER ENGINEERING PI 300 Motor Management System

  • Wired Flytec Hand Throttle with integrated LCD display
  • Helix foldable carbon fibre propeller custom designed for electric propulsion flight .
  • Paragliding harness Kuik from Kortel Design
  • Chassis realignment systeme  for optimal thrust angle configuration in running ( during take off ) and flight cruising mode .
  • Built-in  reserve parachute included
  • Frame warranty  : 5 years
  • E-Drive warranty : 2 years
  • Overall weight without batteries : 17 kg
  • Designed , and made in France

razeebuss Razmott ushuaia





  • Can I use my regular paragliding wing ?

Yes , but with the understanding that the manufacturer’s ttal hooking weight recommendations must be respected .

  • It is possible to take off from flat ground ?

Yes , , and no speed is necessary to achieve liftoff to reach the first thermals .

  • Is it necessary to have a technical degree to operate the Razmott EPS ?

Depending on the country’s laws , a licence and: or an authorization plus insurance could be mandatory . It’s imperative you inquire about regulatory flying information regarding the country you intend to fly the Razmott EPS in .

  • What is the battery charging cycle duration ?

It will vary depending on the type , and capacity of battery used .About seventy five minutes for a 24 ah battery pack after a deep discharge .

  •  How many charges cycles the battery pack can accept ?

Nowadays , the hight performance batteries can be recharged over a thousand time , enabling the pilot to enjoy numerous flights .

  • What king of AGL ( Above Ground Level ) altitude gain can one expect to reach  ?

It will depend on the type on wing used for any particular flight. An EN B -LFT 1-2model , with respect to the manufacturer’s recommended operating weight limitations, will tend to gravitate at around 500 to 800 meters AGL , relevant to the battery model used to power the Razmott EPS.

  • How long can I fly with my Razmott ?

Duration will vary based on the type of flying you will undertake; If under electric power only and at full throttle , you could expect 10  to 16 minutes of air time ,  and 20 to 27 minutes in step-flying configuration ( based on LIPO 25AH Battery pack )  depending on battery type and capacity.

  • How much thrust is delivered by the Razmott EPS ?

It will wary according to propeller dimensions. With a 115 , 130 or 140 cm diameter proppelor , the thrust will respectively be 38 , 45 and 55 kg , using the HPD 10 E-Drive .

  • How much power is delivered to the propeller by the engine ?

The GEIGER HPD 10  E-Drive powering the Razmott EPS  delivers a constant 10 kW ( 13,6 HP ) and 12,5 kW ( 17 HP ) during start .

  • Why is the Razmott EPS equipped with a cage ?

The first Razmott EPS prototypes were not equipped with a cage . After numerous test flights , the R&D department decided to adopt a streamlined light carbon fibre propeller cage ,  enhancing the overall aesthetic while facilitating handling and improving safety !

  • Does the Razmott EPS have a warranty ?

Yes , Many ground and flight test hours combined with hight quality compoents , meticulous manufacturing and quality materials, have enabled us to offer a 5 year warranty on the frame and 2 years on the electronics and electric features .