Razeebuss Radicall v.4 available from March 2016

Based on a Sup’Air Skypper pod harness, it’s a carbon chassis supporting a GEIGER  HPD12 E-drive unit with a 130 cm carbon folding propeller from Electric Sport.

clement latour ,razeebuss radicall

This Radicall V.4 is integrating the latest innovation as new Geiger Pi-300 Motor management system , and it’s the first unit equipped with a specific virtual cage system improving safety during take-off , flight , and landing

2015-11-02 15.58.48Virtual Cage unit is monitoring 3D propeller position , and thrust angle , allowing the pilot to start the E-drive only when all parameters are correct , and controlling automatically propeller shaft angle .

The main purpose of these auxiliary units is to prolong a thermal flight: the propeller folds away when not in use so it doesn’t destroy the aerodynamics of your harness, and can be used when it’s needed to avoid a potential landing situation and keep you airborne.

Clément Latour-Radicall 21The power unit doesn’t affect any other aspects of the Skypper harness, which has the same speed bag, integrated reserve, speedbar etc as an off-the-shelf Skypper. The chassis has been redesigned, and part of the lower frame has been removed altogether which saves on both weight and drag. The total weight of the harness and power unit (including reserve) is 27kg, 10kg of which is the LiPo battery.

Radicall V.3 17Radicall V.3 20

The improved efficiency also means greater battery autonomy, and less noise.

Razeebuss Radicall

It is very easy to launch a paraglider from a flat field using the Radicall power unit, even in light wind conditions and that it is very similar to a regular paramotor.

Radicall Technicals Features :

Harness SUP’AIR Skypper
Build-in composite chassis
HPD12 Geiger engineering E-Drive
130 cm carbon folding propeller
Flylink PIWI 2 hand throttle
Kokam LIPO 24AH battry pack Kokam with BMS( Batterie Management System )
220-110 battery charger
Static Thrust : 68 kilos
Weight ready to y : 27 kg ( including reserve )
Flight duration at cruising altitude : 25 to 30 minutes
Climb rate : over to 2m/s

Prices : 12500,00 € ( excluding taxes )
Unit ready to fly  with 24 ah battery pack and Charger