Razeebuss Petroll 2 strokes

Petroll 2 Strokes

 Razeebuss Petroll Chassis is strongly inspired by our first electric unit as Razmott . We have use several innovation from original electric unit and some of our latest  improvement to create a new kind of Hybrid unit , half way between  paramotor  and paraglider .This new unit , specially developed for free flight allow pilots to rediscover  free flight feeling , piloting , and sensations Razeebuss Petroll 2T One of the characteristics of Razeebuss Petroll 2 strokes unit is to have a frontal composite fuel tank , giving a better weight balance to the unit , specially then engine is cut . Razeebuss Petroll Radnet 15

Top of fuel tank is also use as Cockpit , where fly instrument fit perfectly .Razeebuss Petroll Radnet 11 For transport purpose et easy refuelling  , fuel tank line is equipped with quick release connector .

As all our unit , The Razeebuss Petroll chassis is equipped with thrust angle control system .

Razeebuss Petroll Radnet 3

Petroll Harness is based on EVO SUP’AIR Paramotor specially modified for fit the chassis  and available in 3 sizes : S-M-L ,

Razeebuss Petroll Radnet 4

Rescue container is located on right side on the harness .


 Technicals Features : 

Static Thrust : 55 kg

Recommended  pilot’s weight : up to 90 kilos ( naked)

Full Unit weight ( including Fuel ) : 35 kg

Kevlar-Aramide Fuel Tank : 11 litres

Full Sandwich Composite Chassis ( Epoxy -Carbon )

SUP’AIR Evo Paramotor Harness

140 cm Helix 2 blades Carbon propeller

Belt Gear box : Ratio 4:1

Caméléon throttle

Engine Radnet Raket 120 cc Aero2 strokes

Electric Starter , with LIPO battery pack and charger

Price :        7000,00  Euro  not including  Taxes