Flight test session of Radicall V4 with Clement Latour

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We been testing this week in the French Alps , in”le Semnoz” not far from Annecy with Clement Latour , SUP’AIR Team Pilot .Clement Latour Razeebuss radicall V4

Clément Latour XC flight experience was a big value for those flights test , and very helpful to find the fine tuning of the virtual cage .

Clement Latour Razeebuss radicall V4
Clement Latour Razeebuss radicall V4


Clement will also assist us during the Coupe Icare , next week in St Hilaire du touvet , running all demo flight with the Radicall during the event .


This year , we will be present on SUP’AIR Boot , Pavillon Barish , J4 . You are welcome to visit us .

See you soon ….






RADICALL v.4 : Video Presentation of final version

Razeebuss Radicall v.4 is now on his final version ; this V.4 version was upgraded with 2 mains improvements :

1 – A brand new virtual cage specially develop for the Radicall

2- An automatic thrust angle control system

Virtual cage and Thrust angle system are link together to detect flight or take off status , and control unit position in all situation .

For take off the system will hold propeller shaft to horizontal axis , balancing in real-time all pilot movements  and optimizing thrust angle .

In flight and specially during pilot’s harness and speed bag installation the system will be adjusting the thrust angle to optimized position without any action needed from the pilot .

Below a ground video demonstration of the system running .



Razeebuss Radicall : Last Virtual Cage flight test

A short video of our last virtual Cage testing .

This flight was done in thermal condition to check new cage parameter , taking  off from a flat field with irregular ahead wind 15 to 20 Km/H .


Virtual Cage system is a king of Gyroscope controlling unit position in 3D . If any off one of the maximum preset value on one of the 3 axis is reach , the system is stopping immediately the E-drive .

Superb demo flight for Clement Latour & the Radicall

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SUP’AIR Team Pilot  : Clément Latour as give us a wonderful demonstration of Razeebuss Radicall electric power unit at the 42th  Coupe Icare .

Clément Latour-Radicall 10

was on Saterday , around 4.00 PM , just after last Icarnaval concurrent take off , that Clément as take off from “La Moquette” (north take off ) with Pierre Paul Menegoz commentary’s.  Clément Latour-Radicall 12

All present pilots have seen with fantastic demo flight done by Clément , and notice how powerful and siliceous this unit is .





Clement Latour & Radicall XC in demo @ the Coupe ICARE

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visuel-affiche-2015CLement Latour , SUP’AIR Team pilot will fly our electric XC unit ( Radicall v.3 ) at the Coupe Icare .

Demo flight are scheduled on Saturday and Sunday at 4.00 PM , from north take off , just after Icarnaval show .

More info coming soon .