Razeebuss Radicall V2

Razeebuss Radicall V2

Razeebuss Radicall V2 Flight Test :



The chassis of the Razeebuss Radicall V2 has been redesigned, and part of the lower frame has been removed altogether which saves on both weight and drag. The total weight of the harness and power unit (including reserve) is 27kg, 10kg of which is the LiPo battery.

The improved efficiency also means greater battery autonomy, and less noise. Other changes to the Radicall include the replacement of the original thrust angle control system with a new electric version, controllable by the pilot.

It is  easy to launch a paraglider from a flat field using the Radicall power unit, even in light wind conditions and that it is very similar to a regular paramotor.

Actual autonomy with 25 AH LIPO Battery pack is around 25 minutes ( 01 Ah by minutes )and around 3 to 4 Ah for a take off .